Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wasting Time...One Post At A Time

I found this article in my Google Reader this morning, and the title was enough to make me click it right away and give it a read.

Granted, the author begins the post with, "Chances are, if you're a beginning blogger..."

Well. I may not be a popular blogger. I may not be a consistent blogger. I may not be a widely read blogger. I may not be a concise blogger. I may not even be a good blogger. But Ton-Fifty-ONE is more than two years old, so I don't know if I consider myself a beginner anymore, either.

Still, I continued reading, because the post was the blogger's equivalent of the writer who wants to become better so he reads a lot of books on writing, but..doesn't..write. (not that I've ever been guilty of that. ever. once or twice. a day.)

Basically, if you want to be a writer...write. If you want to be a If you want to be a spelunker...spelunk. Action words are where it's at!

I believe there are tips and tricks and wheelbarrows of inspiration that can be obtained from reading books on writing, but the best days a writer has are when he or she writes something.

On a somewhat related note, I was in a store tonight staring at memory cards for my camera, after having originally gone in for like...yogurt, or something. And I found SanDisk 4GB high-speed cards for $19.98, and my mind started racing: "Wow, I can't believe how much these prices are coming down! I paid thirty bucks for two 2-gig cards not too long ago, and these cards are a little faster and so much cheaper and I should really get one because, gee, that sure is a steal, that's cheap, and wait a minute, Gregg, you've got a handful of 2-gig cards at home and when's the last time you filled up even one of them before loading it onto your computer and why don't you get your camera out of the bag and your ass out-of-doors and actually start shooting some stuff before you stock up on more gigs and gigs and gigs of memory??"

I left the memory cards on the peg on the wall. For tonight. But don't think I won't be back to buy one or two of them, because did I mention they're only twenty bucks?? Who knows when I might be driving across the country in search of a blue blue sky, for instance, and have the need for enough memory to hold a couple thousand images? Hmm...who knows?

I also have a few books related to my camera and photography in general, because while nothing teaches you about writing better than...writing, and nothing teaches you about photography better than...photographying...I submit that a camera is a much more complex instrument than a pen.

Don't believe me? Did you ever try to adjust the white balance on a pen? Or get really great bokeh out of a pen?

I rest my case.

Tonight...I blogged.

I didn't try to learn how to become a better blogger.
(it shows, doesn't it?)

I better get back to the store for a couple of those memory cards before it closes.

"An ignorant person with
a bad character is like
an unarmed robber, but
a learned person with a blog
is a robber fully armed."
—Mickey Kaus

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