Monday, December 22, 2008

A Hectic Moneusday.

When your job requires you to produce something on a weekly basis...say, a newspaper, for develop a certain routine, and certain days have certain pre-defined tasks that need to be accomplished, or said routine gets thrown out of whack, and chaos ensues.

When certain magical events...say, Christmas, and Christmas Eve, for instance...fall on certain days of the week...said routine also get thrown out of whack, because we're not working on Christmas Day, and we're only working a few hours on Christmas Eve, but we all know there won't be much accomplished during those hours, except to pass the time until such time that it's time to leave and spend time in other places where you'd rather be spending time.

We normally print our paper on Wednesday around 12:30, but this week it was moved to Tuesday at about 10:30 to accommodate our printer's schedule. Therefore, last Friday should have been our Monday, and today should have been sort of like a Tuesday and Wednesday morning combined, because our Wednesday before printing has been shortened by a couple of hours.

However, last Friday we didn't really accomplish too much Monday stuff, so today served as more of a Monday/Tuesday/partial Wednesday, except that we ran out of day before we got to incorporate much of the Wednesday. Instead, it was rather...Monuesday-ish.

Therefore, we're still under the gun to get our pages pasted up and negatives shot so we can get out the door by 9:45-ish to get to the printer by 10:30-ish, on Tuesday, which should really be our Wednesday. But it's not.

So after I'm finished rambling here for a bit, and adding a quote at the end, and hitting the "Publish Post" button, I'm going in to work to update my football prediction column, because I had to wait until the game tonight was over to see if my prediction was correct (it was not) before I had an accurate tally of wins and losses for the week. (Seven wins, nine losses, if you must know. You weren't supposed to ask that.)

While I know this post makes almost no sense to anyone reading it, and barely little more sense to he who's writing does consist of seven or eight paragraphs of filler, instead of seven or eight words of filler.

And because of that, I consider it to be an acceptable entry for Monday, December 22, 2008.

Or is it...Tuesday?

Just get me to Friday....OK?
(which, by the way, should really be Monday again, because we do the same thing over for New Year's week this year.)

What I want for a job with no deadlines.

"I am definitely going to take a course
on time management, just as soon
as I can work it into my schedule."
—Louis E. Boone


  1. Louis E. Boone is a freak'n genius...that's all i've got to say...

    (well not really, there's a little more)

    Pertaining to your post, in the words of a New Orleans cabby we've heard stories about, "I Hear Dat!!!"

    What the holidays do to your schedule, two dumpings of snow in the last couple days do to my line of work is there such a thing as too much job security??? (that's meant to be sarcastic but i realize if it's not to those who at this time have no work to complain about, but the stress levels here are approaching postal's great to cut back on employees to cut costs, but what happens when the work picks up???...or it snows, a lot)

    Only one thing is for sure (no, not Bruce Dickenson's lyric about "As soon as you're born, you're dying"...although technically that's true...)...

    ...they're letting us out at 1:00 Wednesday afternoon (which means i'll probably still work until 2:00 or 3:00 in a vain attempt to make a dent), BW's is on my way home and they're open until 6:00....Ahhhh, the little things in life.

  2. I drool with envy at your job, sir. Newspaper reporter/writer was near the top of my list of "things I wanted to do with my life." Instead, I was wooed by that most poisonous of mediums, TV production, in my long and weird college years and kinda' went nowhere fast. After interning at Channel 10 for a year, it was revealed to me that my job prospects were a low power station in Missoula, Montana for $7.25 an hour.

    I decided I liked eating.