Sunday, December 21, 2008

Right Turn, Clyde

Last winter we had some impressive displays of mammoth icicles hanging from the rooflines of many houses around here, and this year we've had a few, too. I'm sure before spring is sprung, we'll have some more...and I'm going to try to get some photos.

But I think I've already found my favorite icicle of the season. Not that I exactly keep a specific category of them, but...I'm starting with this one.

Found this one hanging from the awning outside the front of the building at work. It's really quite tiny. And I wanted to get some photos of it during the day, but the day after this shot was taken, the icicle had mysteriously vanished from the awning. Perhaps it broke away and plunged to its death on the concrete stoop below, or maybe someone waved his hand across the edge of the awning to clean off the ice without stopping to notice and ask, "How did it do that??"

I wish the photo was better. It's not.

But I still like the icicle.

"No winter lasts forever;
no spring skips its turn."
—Hal Borland