Thursday, December 11, 2008

Now Playing...(Or Soon, Anyway)

Rhett Miller came to Shank Hall in Milwaukee a couple years ago, and I didn't make it down to see him. I wish I would have.

Tonight I learned that he's coming to Madison in the same 350-capacity tiny Majestic Theatre where I saw Matt Nathanson. Twice.

Guess who's going to be in attendance? I'm probably going to buy my ticket this weekend.

Whenever I read about Rhett Miller, the article almost always clarifies that he was the former lead singer of The Old 97s. Um...I don't know who The Old 97s are, or were.

But I know that I've got The Instigator by Rhett Miller (I don't own his other solo efforts, but I soon will), and there are enough great songs on that disc that I'm going to drive to Madison in February to see him live.

Unless we get 14 inches of snow that day.

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