Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ah-Choo! (Thanks For Sharing.)

Small offices...

...the daytime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, nose-blowing, throat scratching, cough drop-sucking, TheraFlu-sipping, stuffy head having, spread it all around but don't take a sick day because we can't afford to have anybody missing work during the holiday rush-type workplace. (I know I should hyphenate all of that. But that's a serious compound modifier, and I don't have that much time.)

I work in an office with four other people. A small staff, to be sure. And when someone brings in a cold or virus during the cold & virus season, it usually gets...shared.

One of the ladies in our office has practically lost her voice, and I'm wondering when it might strike me. I'm betting Christmas Eve Eve, and it'll last for three or four days. I'm feeling some faint effects of the onset of...of...something. Just don't know what.

Instead of wrapping up in a blanket, however, and sipping something medicine-y, I'm going to gulp down a dissolved Airborne tablet and head down the interstate to a concert.

Because I like to test my immune system, that's why.
And because I have a ticket.
And because it's Sister Hazel. They put on a good show.

"The family is a unit composed
not only of children but of men,
women, an occasional animal,
and the common cold."
—Ogden Nash

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