Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Time To Lift The Cloud and Peek At Summer

I'm in kind of a pissy mood.
(I know. Months and months of nothing,
and I come back with a first sentence like that?? Sorry.)

Where was I?...oh, yeah.
I'm in kind of a pissy mood.

And I don't know why.

Things are good.
I'm in a place that's infinitely better for my soul than the last place I was in.

I spend substantial portions of my day laughing and talking and listening and thinking and laughing some more.

Summer is right around the corner, if not already squarely landed on top of us.

And I have rocks on my blog, where there used to be no rocks.

How can life be bad?

Um...I dunno.

The last couple of days have been real downers for me.
And what better way to rid yourself of the downers than to come and whine about it on your blog, right? Right.

I know they won't last long. They rarely do. They come and go, and often I'm quite skilled in tricking them into...going.

I thought I'd jump back into this whole blogging thing by making a list of definite/probable/possible activities I have planned for my summer, and (hopefully) reading a little feedback about what your summer holds. (that is...if I have any readers who continue to check this URL. it's been dormant for...wow. never mind.) Help rid me of my pre-summer blahs by telling me all about your swell-weather plans!

• My summers—and other seasons, for that matter—always contain music. And this season will be no different. My biggest musical event will be Simon & Garfunkel in mid-July, which was an early birthday gift from the sweetest person I know. We briefly considered buying tickets to see them in early May, but other conflicts prevented it. And now, just a couple of months later, I get to see them anyway! (I'd previously listed this as a "holy balls" moment, so...) Holy balls!

• Other lesser-known musical entertainment on the agenda includes BoDeans, John Eddie, Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, and possibly a Will Hoge show. Not to mention a band or two or seven at Summerfest. So there will most definitely be music!

• We've talked about taking a drive way up into northern Wisconsin and spending a day or two among the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. I've never been that far north in my own state. It's time to go.

• Other travel plans will include a a trip or two around the lake into Michigan, and possibly a ride across the big pond on the Badger.

• Reading. Writing. Photography. These are things I claim to be interested in. Hmm...I wish someone would tell me why I don't spend more time doing them.

• I hope to explore more farmer's markets, buying vegetables and learning more about cooking meats and vegetables, and savoring the aforementioned...cooked meats and vegetables.

• Bocce ball! Because what is summer without bocce ball?!? (Answer: Winter.)

• Organizing. Sorting. Downsizing. After my move last month, I still have plenty of all of those to do, and will make some progress toward that end before the leaves turn colors. I hope.

• I'd like to find a blog theme and background and header and actual posts that I'm happy with, and that I am eager to return to in order to rant and rave about my summer thoughts and activities and events.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I see I haven't lost my knack for rambling. In general, it looks to be a low-key summer, but if you want to click down to the comments section and brag about a trip abroad or the new Jaguar you're going to own by the Fourth of July, please do! I'd love to hear it all.

Perhaps I'll return again before September.


(I can feel my mood lifting already.)

"People don't notice whether it's
winter or summer when they're happy."
—Anton Chekhov