Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Good Fortune(s).

Picked up a couple fortune cookies on my way out of a Chinese buffet tonight. (It always makes sense to grab two, in case the first one totally blows. Who wants a bad fortune?)

While my fortune should have read, "You will stop eating at buffets and start to enjoy more salads and cottage cheese, because seriously, dude...that's way too much food," the two I received were much more complimentary.

The first one I opened said, "You are going to have a very comfortable old age." How pleasant, I thought. Can't ask for much more than that. I can look forward to being 93 and...comfortable.

I opened the second one with a bit of trepidation, fearing that my first would be wiped out with something horrific, like, "Your next career will be as the manager of Britney Spears' comeback effort."

Fortunately (heh), that wasn't the case. My second one read, "You will find an outlet for your creative genius and accomplish a great deal."

Creative genius.
Certainly no creative genius involved in managing Britney Spears, so I've been spared that fate.

Creative genius. Hmm.

I need to go find some creative genius. (I wonder if it'll be half price after the holidays.) And then I need to find an outlet for it. And then...I need to accomplish a great deal.

Oh, the pressure.

I sure am glad my old age is going to be comfortable, because my middle age just became action-packed.

By the way, my lucky numbers were:


A bit of conflicting information there among...all of them.
Guess I need two rows of lottery numbers.

Or maybe a buffet without fortune cookies.

"If a mans' fortune does not fit him,
it is like the shoe in the story;
if too large it trips him up,
if too small it pinches him."


  1. 2-3-5-33-37-42

    Stacy Augmon, Sedale Threat, Geoff Jenkins (Brewers, not Phillies, that would be 10), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (or Lew Alcinder, take your pick), Shawn Alexander & James Worthy


    No I refuse to type "The One Who Can Do No Wrong", instead I'll still keep it in the state, Sidney Moncrief, Andy Pettitte, Peyton (pro, college 16) & Archie (college, pro was 8) Manning, I wanna say Brian Dawkins, but this is your blog so, Barry Sanders, Ron Jaworski, Gary Zimmerman

    Go Useless Sports Knowledge!!!

    (yes, they were all off the top of my head although I did double check Zimmerman, i'd guessed it, but i wasn't 100% positive)

  2. Are you sure the second fortune wasn't an old one, a crumpled piece of paper in your pocket? From the way I read it, you have oodles of talent, you have an outlet for your genius, and you're accomplished.

  3. TheKid...Barry who?? (hey, look at that, my two favorite quarterbacks and my favorite sports human ever, all in the same line. Maybe those are lucky numbers!)

    Tab...You're very kind to use the phrase "your genius" in my direction. Thanks.

    And bonus points to you for using the word, "oodles." Nice pull! :O)