Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rigging Up The Lights!

"Nothing says holidays,
like a cheese log."
—Ellen DeGeneres


  1. I could have sworn I left you a response to this post this morning from home before i came to work...

    It went a little something like this...

    4:14 am!!! Knowing you that is not when you got up, but instead when you hit "enter" and first went to bed, madness!!!

    I also wished you a heartfelt holiday greeting (hopefully you've seen the FB Blog, that's more heartfelt) and merry x-mas.

    Pending the ice storm i was thinking of swinging into the Lakeshore to meet up with a couple good kids Friday in the afternoon, perhaps at a tavern. I'll need to head back cuz we have company coming Saturday, but i'll give you a call if something materializes.

    If not, yes, hopefully before Winter Festivus and BHTM weekend.

    I don't know if you have to work Jan 2nd or if it matters, but you are certainly welcome to join me at BW's for an afternoon of New Years Day bowl watching, provided you're not swimming in Lake Michigan again :)

    Merry X-mas Buddy

  2. Obviously, X-Mas weekend was a bust, socializing-wise. But I hope your holiday was jolly, TheKid.

    I'm considering New Year's Day at B-Dub's. I haven't pushed the polar bear thing too much (read: at all) these last few weeks, so that's probably not on for this year.

    I'll let you know.