Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Do You Liiike......

...American Muuuusic?

I bought a CD recently called, "Viva Wisconsin." No, I'm not kidding. There really is a CD out there with a title like, "Viva Wisconsin."

Probably the only band that would name one of their CDs that would be...a band from Wisconsin. And a band that's a bit left of center. I give you...Violent Femmes.

I was looking for a recording of their song, "American Music," and came across this CD, and on the back it said, "October 25-31, 1998. Violent Femmes did an acoustic tour of their home state of Wisconsin. Two guitars, two drums and three voices. Femmes back to basics, no overdubbing, no electronics, no crap. Their best songs, raw and intimate. This is the ultimate Violent Femmes recording."

Fine. Sold. I'll take two. (I really only took one.)

This video isn't the live version from the disc, but it's pretty close. Not too elaborate.The Femmes were never flashy...or violent, from what I can tell. They're just...themselves. I got to see a part of their concert in Sheboygan a few years ago, and while I didn't hear this song live, it's at the top of my list of favorite Femmes songs. (doesn't everybody have a ranked list of favorite Violent Femmes songs? you should.)

"They didn't know that music
was in my so-oo-oo-oo-oul."
—Violent Femmes


  1. I'm afraid I don't have a top 10 Femmes list...but then again while our respective music tastes are wide ranging...they're quite often on different ranges...

    (Steven A. Smith) HOWEVER, speaking of music (seqway) I received the other night one of those BMG Music Club 70% off w/no shipping e-mails and i was sucked in.

    I purchased the Jessie Baylin offering Firesight.


    Partly cuz I truly did like the main track; "Was I On Your Mind" and partly out of strange guilt that Madison was so immature/rude to her during her performance.

    I mean yes, we were all there to see Nathanson (and yes, you and i brought the average age of the crowd up 7.75 years...or more), but she was pretty good, "catchy" if you will. I thought she was a nice compliment to Nathanson.

    Anyway, i figured for $5 and change I couldn't go wrong even if i end up only liking the one song (i pirate plenty of music anyway...).

    So when it arrives if you'd like to add a burnt copy to your collection just let me know.


    On a completely different note, I noticed your Tweeter business in the right margin referencing Van Pelt pulling out the "I'm not saying...I'm just saying." Which is of course NICE.

    That reminded me of other cool things our (and i'm certain it's just us...) group mutters that i've seen out there. I'm sure you've seen the latest Peyton Manning Master Card commercial.

    Where the elevator guy says to him "You're going down Manning." He responds "Yep, fourth flour, going to get a massage today, i'm pumped."

    Then another guy delivers a fruit basket where he tells him "not to choke on it." "Thanks, yeah i'm just going to cut it up, put it in a fruit salad or something."

    The last one he's out on his hotel balcony in San Diego and the cleaning lady on the next one tells him to "Take a hike!!!" Peyton takes a deep breath and says, "Yeah, i'm going to do that (stretching his legs), weather our here is sweet.......NICE".................NICE!!!!

  2. Wow, the Femmes takes me back to UW Oshkosh in the early 90s - we listened to their TAPES over and over and over. Favorite song - Blister in the Sun.

  3. TheKid...You must have been more focused on your microbrew at the Great Dane that night after the show because, um...I was holding Jessie Baylin's CD until we got back to my car. I bought it at the show.

    That's OK...she deserves a little boost in record sales. I think she's got some talent.

    And did you know Peyton Manning's gonna retire after he wins the Super Bowl this year, and become a regular cast member of SNL? (I love his commercials.)

    Rebecca...I would make fun of you for using the word "tapes" there, but I'm older than you...and I also have two of their tapes buried in the back of my closet somewhere. So the razzing would be futile, wouldn't it?

  4. Hi, my name is THE KID and i have a drinking problem...(or you put it in your pocket right away and I didn't see it....).

    So, do you like it? Is it pleasant?

  5. No, it was out on the table, because Holly was looking at it, and was disappointed when she saw it was a Jessie Baylin CD and not a Nathanson CD.

    That's a good word for it...pleasant. Her songs aren't life-changing, but they've got substance.

  6. Damn it!!! OK fine, i was pretty drunk at that point. You happy? :)

  7. Um, well, that's weird. I just found your blog, and thought, "Hey, I like the Femmes, I should comment."

    Then I saw Rebecca's comment. And wait. I am named Rebecca! I went to UW Oshkosh in the 90s! Did I...have some episode and comment already on a blog that I thought I just found today?

    I am pretty sure that is not the case. But all of that caused me to forget the (undoubtedly extremely witty, I'm sure) comment I WAS going to make. So, instead, I'll say--nice blog! I'm always happy to find fellow Wisconsin bloggers.

  8. Wishokie...Don't you remember? We discussed this at least a dozen times before. You said you weren't going to add multiple comments to my blog entries anymore, after that episode a year and a half ago when you were commenting like five times a day for two months straight. Looks like you had a little relapse with this post, huh? So sorry. Hope you get better soon.

    OK, so I might be full of bunk. Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the visit, and the comment.

    (and yes. Wisconsin bloggers rock.) :O)