Saturday, September 11, 2010

True Colors Painted Over

Condescending and self-absorbed, reducing his own mistakes to microscopic missteps while magnifying others’ with the Hubble telescope, he was a rotten person. He passed blame better than a professional quarterback.

All the grunts at the mill knew it, but if he knew it himself, he never let on. He’d worn a flimsy façade of superiority for so many years, he probably wouldn’t recognize his true self if he searched for days in the mirror. The only person he’d fooled was the bumbling, introverted, moderately talented hack buried beneath the act.

Rotten and clueless. What a way to stumble through life.

— • — • —

My entry in the 100 Words Challenge, with the prompt, "rotten."


  1. too bad self awareness is found in so few.

    As a former high school college running back and receiver, I can tell you, quarterbacks at every level are finger pointers. Godo job.

  2. Oh don't we all know at least one person like this? I like the "while magnifying others' with the Hubble telescope", ha!