Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Picasso or a Garfunkel...

Tonight's art-related topic is...
...Art Garfunkel.

(thanks for the nudge, Barenaked Ladies.)

I received tickets in May to see Art Garfunkel in concert in July...along with his more famous singing partner, Paul Simon, of course. Because...not to be mean, but who'd go see Garfunkel without Simon? (probably millions of people. I apologize.)

A couple of weeks after the tickets were purchased, the tour promoters sent out an e-mail, notifying eager concert-goers that the rest of the current Simon & Garfunkel tour had been postponed (read: canceled), because Art had come down with a throat condition with a fancy name that made it sound more serious than a sore throat.

Hard to sing without your best stuff, right? Hence...no Simon. No Garfunkel. Just the sound...of silence. (that was too easy. feel free to boo for that one.)

Truth be told, I was never the biggest Simon & Garfunkel fan. I liked them, and I knew many of their hits. But I didn't own their music, and was never an over-the-top fan. Until...I knew I had tickets. And then learned that they'd been taken away. Then, for some reason, I wanted to hear Bridge Over Troubled Water more than any other song that had ever been written. (thank you for wading through the hyperbole. I hope it wasn't too messy.)

I hope Art is feeling better.
And I hope he and Paul hit the road again soon.

"I don't think that Simon & Garfunkel
as a live act compares to
Simon & Garfunkel as a studio act."
—Paul Simon

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