Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not So Much a Dolphin, As a Carp

I remember when I had gills.

Not, like, literally.
If I actually had gills, I'd be in a museum somewhere.

I grew up across the street from a public swimming pool, and spent many hours of many summers swimming, diving, and generally trying to impersonate the Man from Atlantis. (bonus points if you can name the star of that show without looking it up.)

After several levels of swimming lessons, I'd had enough training to work as a pseudo-lifeguard, and spent a few hours (very few) in the chair one summer. If I would've been more serious about it and taken a few Red Cross classes, I could have bought a tube of zinc oxide and a whistle and tried out for a role on Baywatch.

Point being, I've been comfortable around water for more than 75 percent of my life. However, I haven't swum since...well, since before Baywatch went off the air.

Sure, I've splashed around a little, dove into a couple of Great Lakes, partied by an inland lake and become an official Polar Bear. But I haven't really swum.

My new gym has a pool.
Which is a ginormous reason I switched.

Tonight I was reminded that swimming lessons and lifeguard-ish training and summers spent living underwater occurred years...nay, decades...ago.

I still love the water. But I no longer have gills. I still have a decent freestyle stroke, but can't sustain it nearly as long as I once could. And I used to be able to swim two full lengths of a standard swimming pool underwater. (is that 100 feet? I think so...not sure.) Next time I attempt an underwater swim, I'll be thrilled if I make one length.

If I try for two, I may never return to this blog. (unless the Baywatch babes rescue me in time.)

I realize one's early 40s are perhaps slightly different than one's teens, but I'm (slowly) working my way back into shape (take about 50 pounds off of those Polar Bear photos, thankyouverymuch).

I have no desire at my age to become a lifeguard...

...but it'll be much more manageable battling the winter blahs with laps in a swimming pool.

"Only when the tide goes out do you
discover who's been swimming naked."
—Warren Buffett

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