Friday, March 14, 2008


Sometimes I think I should make a rule:

No napping.

Oh, I don't mean that for everyone. Babies and toddlers, they sure still need naps.

I'm talking about just for me.

I should learn to sleep during the normally accepted and clearly posted "Sleep Hours." And during all other hours of the day, I should be awake.

If I wish to sleep, I have a bed for such an activity.

If I'm on my couch, I should either be watching a movie, or a basketball game (cursing whichever basketball team just screwed up my soon-to-be-filled-out bracket), or reading a book...not lying horizontally, dozing off at unacceptable hours of the day...

...and waking up fifteen minutes before midnight, only to jump up and recall four very. frustrating. syllables. that make me rush to this chair and this screen, thinking, "Shit! I've gotta write a stupid blog post!"

So no napping.

All in favor?............

...that's what I thought.


"I generally don't feel anything until noon.
Then it's time for my nap."
—Bob Hope


  1. I was starting to worry - finished my post about an hour ago after having a very frustrating relationship with my digital camera, my computer and YouTube! Decided I'd quick check on your daily post - and here it is 11:58 and its up!! Good boy - now go nap!!

  2. I was never even awake...I just started punching keys. I hope there are some actual English-language words in there somewhere.


  3. There are lampshades that somestimes will circumvent the United Nations from allowing electric eel to dine on bumper stickers in the autumn of their western hegemony. Only, of course, when omlette dances on the lowest rung of guitar tires.

    Sprinkle sprinkle little bar, how I wonder is a cat?

    Don't you hate when you've just woken up and some shmuck from Cedarburg throws a bunch of surreal non-sequiturs at your groggy head?

  4. Uh, Jeff?...blogging and beer don't mix.

    (If I would have read those last night, instead of this morning, I would have said, "Of course! Makes perfect sense.")