Sunday, March 02, 2008

Left Foot, Left Foot, Left Foot, Right

Happy Birthday to yoouuu,
Happy Birthday to yoouuu,
Happy Birrrthday, Dr. Seuuuss...
Happy Birthday toooo yooouuuu!

(be grateful there isn't an audio file attached here where I actually sing.)

Today is Dr. Seuss's birthday. He would have been 104 years old.

Several years ago...I don't remember how many...I went to get my mail and found a flat cardboard package stuffed into my mailbox with an envelope attached to the outside. I opened the package to find The Foot Book, by Dr. Seuss, an "incentive" to get me to join such-and-such book club.

"Please review our introductory offer and consider joining our swell club, and keep this book as our gift to you," the note told me.

Well...I'll admit that I didn't rush right out and sign up for their club. But it kinda makes for a good day when somebody sends you free Dr. Seuss books, don't you think?

I still have the book, and someday will have more Seuss next to it on my shelf.

So pay tribute today to the Hunches, the Hortons, the Lorax, the Long-Legger Kwong, the Sneetches, the Sneedle, and of course, Sam I Am. The Cat In The Hat (and Thing 1 and Thing 2), the Brown Bar-ba-loots, the Zax...and on, and on, and on.

And have some cake. Don't you think Dr. Seuss would want us all to enjoy some cake?

"Today you are you,
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is youer than you."
—Dr. Seuss


  1. So the only two vegatables you don't like are Dr. Seuss and your foot?

    Seriously, I love that guy. I love him on a boat and I love him with a goat. Wait, that doesn't sound quite right.

  2. Yeah, you might wanna skip the goat.