Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Moon, My Sign

One of the gadgets I added to my Google homepage a long time ago when I was clicking through the gazillions of options was a daily horoscope.

Not surprisingly, I don't read it every day. But I glanced at it tonight...mostly for a distraction, possibly for inspiration. And what do you know? It became a blog post.

Below is my Thursday horoscope, along with my footnoted reactions.

Listen to your inner voice(1) now that the Moon is in your sign(2), for it's encouraging you to leave the logical realms(3) and step into more intuitive spaces(4). Forget about words for a while(5); you already know the truth(6). Sometimes precognition can make you feel uneasy(7) as you struggle with the reliability of the information(8). A dose of emotional detachment(9) can help you to be an objective observer of your own life(10).

  1. I often listen to the voices inside my head, but they rarely have anything positive to say. Off to a bad horoscopical start already.
  2. Whoo hoo! The Moon is in my sign!! I have no idea what this means, but I'd rather have it in my sign than anybody else's.
  3. How can I leave something I never visit?
  4. And what exactly makes these spaces more intuitive? Feng shui?
  5. What?? Do you know to whom you're speaking? If I forget about words, what else is
  6. Yeah, the truth is that without words, I'm stuck with beer. And after brief consideration, I'm OK with that.
  7. I feel especially uneasy when I have to look up the word "precognition."
  8. Now that I know what it means, I think very little precognitive information is reliable. (not sure, but I think that just made me sound kinda smart.)
  9. Worded this way, it sounds as if those emotions need reconstructive surgery.
  10. I saved the deep one for last...Do you really think it's possible to be an objective observer of your own life? Hmm.
For the record, none of the ideas expressed in my Thursday horoscope pertained to my actual Thursday in any way. Here's hoping that tomorrow's horoscope hits closer to the mark.

And that it has something to do with beer.
It is Friday, after all.

"Faithful horoscope-watching, practiced daily,
provides just the sort of small but warm and
infinitely reassuring fillip that gets matters
off to a spirited start."
—Shana Alexander


  1. A resounding YES to being an objective observer to one's own life! I've been watching myself for years and have yet to change the channel. If I could only sell a little more ad-space to this remarkable show...

    Oh and paws off MY moon. It was deeded to me in MY horoscope a few months ago.

  2. Sorry, Jeff...I think I put the emphasis on the wrong word there.

    What I meant to ponder was if a person can be an objective observer of his or her own life.

    I totally agree that one can be an observer of his or her own life. I just haven't decided on the "objective" part, yet.

    Perhaps your answer remains the same. And that's all good. But it does add a bit of a different twist to it, doesn't it?