Monday, March 03, 2008

I Could Have Had A V8!

At the end of my very long first post of the month, I said that my next list would be two vegetables I hate, and that it'd be very difficult to find two that fit the category.

While I give Brad credit for quickly offering beets as one option, I'm afraid that one doesn't make the cut. My parents used to make incredible pickled beets. So that one stays firmly planted in the "yum!" column.

I ran across this list of vegetables on Wikipedia tonight, and thought I'd share. There has to be something on that list I don't like, because half of them I've never heard of! I have no idea what a scorzonera is, or a gobo, or a sea grape, or a fiddlehead.

But since I'm lacking a bit in substance tonight, I'll ramble for a few paragraphs about the one and only...tomato. Years ago, that would have made my list. I'm one of the biggest ketchup freaks I know, but for a long time, I kept my distance from tomatoes.

When we'd have BLTs for dinner at home, I'd always have a BLB. (bacon, lettuce and bread.) And because I wasn't eating the sandwich the way it was supposed to be eaten, I felt guilty about reaching for the bacon. Like I shouldn't be allowed to have any if I didn't eat the other ingredients with it.

Over time, I started to include diced tomatoes in my Mexican food, and the occasional T on my BLTs. Perhaps a slice of tomato on a burger or other sandwich as well.

Today, I'm somewhat of a fan. Tomatoes are vital to good Mexican food, and are more than welcome on a burger or BLT.

I can eat a raw tomato slice by itself, although I don't actively seek them out. And I still don't get how some people can eat tomatoes like apples. Uh-uh. That's not for me. I could do it if I was forced, but...I doubt raw tomato eating (with salt & pepper shakers at the ready) will be a challenge on Fear Factor anytime soon.

Meanwhile...I'll continue my search for two vegetables I hate.

Does anyone have a lotus root handy? That doesn't sound too appetizing.

"Vegetables are interesting but lack
a sense of purpose when unaccompanied
by a good cut of meat."
—Fran Lebowitz


  1. Well, endive is pretty gross most days. That could be your #2 if you need one...

  2. Waterchestnuts have always wrought nothing but shudders from me. On occasion, some yahoo chef at my favorite Chinese restaurant will sneak some of these nasty nuggets into my lo mein.

    My primary issue with these chestnuts of water is this... they are essentially flavorless yet have a texture that I find most displeasing.

    Other than that, Officer Brad hit it right on the head... beets are weeds of the devil's garden.

  3. Can't say I've ever had endive before. But it sounds rather harmless...depending on how bitter it may be, I suppose.

    And the more water chestnuts in my Chinese food, the better!

    (Like I said...I'm a tough vegetable nut to crack.)