Monday, November 19, 2007

What's Good...And Bad...On TV?

As I'm feeling a bit random tonight, I thought I'd throw out a few random television musings I've been pondering lately.

  • I saw it again on Sunday morning, and I don't mean to pick on kids. But what the hell is that Jason Krause kid doing on Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN? If his regular weekly feature was so engaging you couldn't turn away, or if he was an ultra-cute 10-year-old kid...I could almost see the point. But neither of those is even remotely true. He's got a regular gig on ESPN, folks! I wonder what rich uncle of his has a corner office at the network.

  • Speaking of ESPN long is Emmitt Smith going to have a job there? Love the guy, he's nothing but class. But he doesn't do well behind a desk with a camera pointed at him.

  • Moving over to CNN, does anyone besides me think Candy Crowley is brilliant? Any time I see her on my TV, I always feel like I'm going to learn something, or a whole big bunch of somethings.

  • Late Night Pick-Em: Leno? Or Letterman?

  • I've heard more than a few people rip on the show, "Two And A Half Men," but that's one of the few shows that I try to make time for every week. Am I alone in this thought? Or am I of such a simple mind that I'm lowering myself to appreciate such an elementary sitcom? I think the cast has great chemistry.

  • Back to late night: I don't watch him very often, except during the opening theme song to see who the guests are...but how annoying is Conan O'Brien's entrance? He does the same thing every night...struts out onto the stage, gets to his mark and does an overemphasized jump into the air, flails his arms in something of a windmill point over to Max Weinberg, and then pulls off a 360 spin on a dime, and turns to the crowd with a few head bobs. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most viewers of shows at that time of the night are adults, right? If he's going to take over Leno's time slot in a couple/few years, the boy's gotta grow up. It's also a little obnoxious to see him try to manipulate half of the air time when his guests are sitting right next to him. He's not only a bad interviewer, he's a camera hog. And I think he's won Emmys, too, hasn't he? I don't see it.

  • OK, from an Emmy winner I don't care for, to an Emmy winner I'll vehemently defend as intelligent, entertaining, and one of the best in the business: John Madden. I just may be in the minority here. He's definitely a love-him-or-hate-him personality, and I fall into the former category. I know he rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but you don't win fourteen Emmys by accident.

  • And lastly...Nancy Grace. (I think that's all I have to say, because just the mention of her name should have knocked most of you off your chairs from laughing so hard.) Seriously, who keeps her on the air? Is it the same people that are excited about the revival of Britney Spears' singing career? (side note: Amy Poehler does a killer Nancy Grace character on Saturday Night Live. check it out if you have the chance.)

"The fewer rules a coach has,
the fewer rules there are for
players to break."
—John Madden


  1. I have one comment which I'm sure will be ridiculed by at least one person, but here goes ... I don't care if Emmett Smith isn't good as a commentator - he's straight up the hottest man alive today. Take a look at this link:

    That boy knows how to shake what his momma gave him - and is about the only man I know who can pull off gold lame shoes!! He's got a great smile, is clearly a loving husband and dad, and can dance - no more needs to be said. Damn Sexy!! So, really, in my world, all he needs to do is look at the camera and smile - and he does just fine :o)

  2. Conan's too late for me, but Letterman. Between him and Leno, ALWAYS Letterman.

    And I know I'm supposed to hate it, but I caught a half an episode of 2 1/2 men one and I didn't Didn't like it enough to keep watching I guess, but I didn't HATE it like a bunch of people insist I should...

  3. 'fraid I gotta' break ranks with you on this one, compadre.

    I've always found Conan utterly brilliant to the point where I've threatened waking up the entire house guffawing at his antics.

    I sure miss Andy Richter on that show, though.

  4. Becky...There are guys on Dancing With The Stars? Hmph. Never noticed. :O) (are you a regular viewer of NFL Sunday Countdown?)

    Mrs. White...Thanks for at least chiming in to say that you didn't hate Two And A Half Men. That sorta helps me feel better about watching it. A little. Somehow.

    Jeff...I know he's got impressive credentials as a former Simpsons writer, and I know his show is pretty popular, and some of his stuff can be funny, but...I just don't get it.

    If he moves up a time slot in the next couple years, I think he has to realize that his guests deserve more face time than he does.

    (Andy Richter's a funny dude.)