Sunday, November 04, 2007

How Pedestrian.

I should really post a squib tonight, because it is Sunday, and I haven't used my little graphic thingie for much longer than I care to admit...but what I have for you tonight doesn't exactly qualify as a squib.

Instead it's more like...a link to go visit, because I'm kinda lazy and don't feel like searching for really fun squib material and I wanna watch some more football, even though that's what I've basically been doing for most of the day, anyway.

There's a blog listed in my sidebar (uhh...excuse me. my blogroll. gotta talk the talk, I guess) that's right up my alley. Very little text to the blog, but the images are priceless.

An art director named Carolyn from Washington D.C. takes photos of street signs, business signs, handwritten posters and the like. Some of them have typographical errors, others use great-looking or unique fonts and type styles, and still others are examples of graffiti that she thinks is worth putting on display.

I can just picture this woman, camera in tow everywhere she goes, on the lookout for misplaced apostrophes, misspelled words and general abuse of the English language. Or irresistible fonts that she feels compelled to share.

I don't remember where I stumbled upon the site, but I felt a quiet contentedness when I saw the subject matter that there were others out there "like me." I think we might be soulmates.

Her blog header is a fun piece of creative work in itself, but I think, even with the header and all the great photos she posts, she should win an award for the title alone. If any blog anywhere was ever perfectly named, this would be it. I give you...

Pedestrian Typography

"A pedestrian is a man in danger of his life.
A walker is a man in possession of his soul."
—David McCord


  1. Holy shit. I sooooooooooo need to catch up with reading your blog. You fell off my radar.

    Commence with my comments!

    How 'bout them Lions, huh? They're just about as unreal as the Packers. Isn't parity great?

    Oh, and Brett Favre is kinda good too.

  2. It's pretty easy to fall off of everyone's radar when I go like forty-five days (or months, or years) without writing a syllable on this thing.

    But yeah, I seem to be back. At least for the month of November.

    Believe it or not, I bet a steak dinner at Brett Favre's Steakhouse before the season started that the Lions would have a better season-ending record than the Packers. This is shaping up to be one fun battle. Can't wait to see how Thanksgiving plays out.

    I would have to agree about Favre. He does moderately well throwing the ball down the field. How old is he?...27?

  3. I just noticed your link to Mitch Albom. I like that guy. But tell me, have you noticed (this is probably a dumb question) the size of his ears? Honest to God, he's got the biggest ears I have ever seen in my life. It's like he has some sort of crescent rolls around his regular ears. Unreal!

    He's a regular on ESPN's Sports Reporters every Sunday morning. Hell, I'd watch it just for a glimpse of those ears.

  4. Gregg,
    Thanks for the shout-out! What a compliment! You rock! Hey, and if you have any pix, send 'em my way...i'll give you credit and link to your site. :o)

    carolyn sewell
    pedestrian typography