Friday, November 23, 2007

So...Am I Your Type?

Forgive the lame post title...I'm still a bit groggy from all the tryptophan I ingested yesterday.

I think today I'll revisit the personality types topic that I started a couple weeks ago when I made the shocking admission that I just may not be the most outgoing person on the planet.

That took care of one of the four letters that make up my personality type, and I was curious to find out what the other three were. So I found a couple tests online (Test 1) (Test 2) and set out clicking radio buttons in search of defining who the hell I really am. (as if The Internets can tell me that.)

Both tests came back with generally the same results, so I guess I didn't lie to myself too badly.

My results revealed that I'm an INFP:
(I)ntroverted, i(N)tuitive, (F)eeling, (P)erceiving.
With rather strong-leaning tendencies toward all of those letters, as all of my results came back with percentages of 70% or higher.

And when I read the summary of the INFP personality type, much of it was like hitting the nail on the head. And one of the characteristics was, "usually talented writers." The jury may still be out on the "talented" part, but with all the time I spend clacking keyboard keys, I can hardly deny that I'm a writer.

I feel so much

My life has a purpose. an I.N.F.P.

(oh, please.)

If you couldn't resist taking the tests yourself, what did you find out?

And did the results surprise you?

"We should take care not to
make the intellect our god;
it has, of course, powerful muscles,
but no personality."
—Albert Einstein


  1. Wow, you're right, it's dead on.

    Mine came back BCAS.

    (B)lowhard (C)lueless (A)sshat (S)elfabsorbeddick

    Amazingly accurate!

    *note: special thanks to JJ and Burt for the term "asshat."

  2. ISTJ ... go figure... the I explains why I'm sitting in my basement on a saturday night taking personality tests... gosh, we're a long way from Tao...

  3. Ah, yes...the little-known 17th personality type: the BCAS. Not sure what percentage of people fall under that classification.

    C!...At Tao, everyone's an E. Must be the Buddha.

  4. The first listed me as ENFP, and the second as ENFJ. I'm just barely on the E side (extraverted/introverted) with both tests (which makes sense... I go back and forth between the two a great deal).

  5. Wow I'm pretty late on coming across this post. But oh well. I have a Personality Types page too. A lot of INFP's do like it from the feedback I've gotten.