Monday, November 29, 2010

Thirty Days of Thanks: Web

I'd be excluding a relevant part of my life if I didn't mention during these thirty days the glorious invention that's delivering these words to your eyes.

No, not bifocals.
The Internet!
Web 2.0, to be more specific.
(or whatever version we've upgraded to by now...Web, perhaps.)

I like being a part of Web 2.0...a contributor, a content creator. This blog gives me a space to be poetic or rambly or whiny or (occasionally) funny, it gives me an audience, and other blogs give me access to unbelievably talented writers who may otherwise be custodians or biologists or part-time holiday retail salespeople.

Facebook and Twitter keep me connected to my friends, and allow me to complain about another Lions' loss, or share a photo of a seven-pound squash.

Foursquare and ning and LinkedIn and blippr and YouTube and Plurk and..., the Internet is big.

I'm thankful for being connected.

"Information on the Internet is subject
to the same rules and regulations
as conversation at a bar."
—George Lundberg

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