Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thirty Days of Thanks: Finished

Although these daily blogging challenges are exciting and creative and rewarding, they're also exactly what they say they are: challenging.

This blog post fulfills my requirement as a November 2010 NaBloPoMo winner. I've had fun, but I'm glad it's over. For now. But as the quote below says...this one may be finished, but who knows what I'm going to start next? [answer: nobody knows. not even me.]

I'm thankful for...the finish line.

"Every new beginning comes from
some other beginning's end."
—Semisonic, "Closing Time"

— • — • —

In a bit of a departure from my regular format, I'll add something down here below the quote. My nephew, Daniel, took this photo of me during our Thanksgiving feast, to commemorate the passing of the cranberries from counter to table. So I thought I'd share the two photos, 30 years apart. [Note: I didn't spill them this time. I'm older, and more careful. And there's carpeting there now.]


  1. Much can be learned from that plate of cranberries... the temporal appreciation of 30 years, lessons in muscle memory, coordination, the joy of inadvertent slapstick comedy....

    The month of November has been twice as enjoyable for me, as a reader, because of your NaNo undertaking. Thanks again for doing it!

  2. As always I have enjoyed your NaBloPoMo efforts. Reading them this year reminds me how much I enjoy your writing and how thankful I am that a NaBloPoMo of a few years back led to our connecting.

    I didn't have it in me to do it this year and I regretted it on Nov 2nd - maybe next year.


  3. Jeff...I definitely have less coordination than I did 30 years ago. Perhaps because of the extra height. :) Thanks for calling yourself a reader, and...you know, reading. Mucho appreciado.

    Scott...Thanks for sticking around, even when I disappear for days (weeks/months) at a time. I've enjoyed your stuff over the years, too, which makes me thankful for clicking the Comment button after seeing your Red Rocks post early in my first NaBloPoMo effort.