Friday, November 26, 2010

Thirty Days of Thanks: Br(e)ak(e)s

Who doesn't love a four-day weekend? (you contrarians out there, put your hands down. you know you do, too.)

I spent much of today thinking it was Saturday. I even caught myself questioning who was hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, when it isn't quite Saturday. While the extended break is always welcomed, it'll be Sunday evening before we blink, so this feeling of three consecutive Saturdays is one worth savoring a couple of times a year.

Not that it was a particularly eventful Sa...I mean...Friday. I didn't join the sleep-deprived masses in the pre-dawn hours, busting down the doors for can't-miss doorbusters. I lazed in bed, I crossed off a few chores on the to-do list, I went to a bar to watch Auburn beat Alabama and show Jessica a bit about the fine art of dart shooting, I'm blogging, and I plan to get lost in a funny movie shortly.

Took my car in to get my brakes fixed, because I found when the pads are completely shot, the metal-on-metal grinding can be tolerated for day, before repairs must be scheduled.

Accomplishy. Sort of.
Lazy. A bit.
Swell. Yep.

I'm thankful for good breaks.
And good brakes.

"People who make no mistakes lack boldness
and the spirit of adventure. They are the brakes
on the wheels of progress."
—Dale Turner

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