Saturday, November 01, 2008

Thirty? Maybe.

It's November, isn't it?

Last November I recall paying particularly close attention to this Web page for a good number of consecutive, in a row and everything!

And here we are again. It's the NaBloPoMo month that made NaBloPoMo famous. (among bloggers, anyway.) The response last November was so overwhelming that it was expanded to include other months of the year as well, so bloggers could take the post-a-day challenge in any month they chose. Or every month, if they were a little bit crazy. And addicted to their blogs.

I attempted it in March, but was met with a stubborn internet connection between 11pm and midnight in the early going, so my effort came up short. And I considered attempting it a few other times leading up to this month, also. didn't.

November is kinda special, though. During the last challenge, I happened upon a handful of killer blogs of which I'm now a regular reader. And I also wrote something. Every day. For a month. Those two reasons alone made the month a ridiculous success.

So while it's been practically flatline dead around here for the most part lately, I couldn't help but give it another go this month. Yes, it's about 2:30am as I write this, as I just got home from a poker game. And yes, it's time for bed. But it's also officially November...and I can cross today's post off the calendar and wonder how I'm ever going to work back into an every day routine. Yikes.

Truth be told, I think this month will be more difficult to complete than last November. It was new and unique last time, and I had more determination to finish. I already see a couple roadblock weekends coming up where I'll have to do some creative time management to make my goal. But I plan to use the "official" calendar day to my advantage whenever possible. I can post an entry at 9pm one day, and 12:45am the next day, and it'll all still be kosher, but give me a couple breaks here and there.

I considered just showing up here on November 1, writing a post about whatever, and then continuing on, day by day, without actually making an announcement. Sorta like Stealth NaBloPoMo, if you will. But this will make me more accountable. You know...until I fail, at which point I'll stop caring.

I even put a new badge in my sidebar, and will possibly create my own when the month is over to more accurately reflect my progress. ("24 post in 30 days. Almost really good.")

I have yet to conjure up what I may write about every day for 30 days, but if the McCain/Palin ticket wins the White House on Tuesday, you can expect a month filled with bitter rants. Won't that be fun!

The chances of McCain getting into office, though, are probably about as good as the Lions winning their last nine games to finish the season 9-7. Or maybe as good as a certain blogger making it through November.

I remember reading about one blogger participating in NaBloPoMo last year who woke up a couple minutes before midnight and, still blurry-eyed and half asleep, raced to his computer to write only three words—"I can't see!!"—on his blog to fill his quota for the day.

You might want to expect two or three or fourteen posts like that from me during the month. I think they lay ahead.

(some of that guy's family members read his blog, and when they saw the message they called him to find out if everything was OK.)

It's November, isn't it?

See you tomorrow.

"NOVEMBER, n. The eleventh twelfth
of a weariness."
—Ambrose Bierce


  1. Keep writing please. My blog buddies have become an endangered species...

    I may not agree with your political position entirely, but I do enjoy your writing.

    Now. I expect an entry for the next thirty days or so.

  2. Glad to see you're still checking in, Brad. I wouldn't have blamed anybody for abandoning Ton-Fifty-ONE because of my increasingly frequent hiatuses.

    As I've said before, broken-record-like...I hope an exercise like this gets me back on track to posting more regularly, even when there's not an acronym pushing me.

    And I'm tight with a lot of people who don't agree with my political position. However...I'm also tight with a lot of people who do. Tomorrow's going to be an interesting day, isn't it?

    Thanks for reading. I'm heading toward thirty.