Saturday, November 08, 2008

Let It.......Snow.


That's what I saw when I woke up this morning. (not the view in the photo. but I'm assuming that's a sign of things to come.)

Snow on my car, snow on the grass, snow on the rooftops. It wasn't sticking to the streets, but...snow. Yuck.

As I was brushing off my car, I would have made and thrown a few snowballs if I had time, because it was the wet, packy snow that makes you want to have a snowball fight. Or at least see if your aim is still as good as when you were a kid.

But I was running a few minutes late for an oil change/tire rotation, so I didn't have any time to play. Speaking of tire rotation, that's about the only reason I'm looking forward to a little bit of winter. I got rid of the Kumhos this spring that came with my car and required no less than 19 minutes of time to spin through each intersection while driving on snowy streets. And that was even with tread still on the tires! Happy to dump 'em, and replace them with some Goodyears.

I was so excited about testing my new grippers, in fact, that I drove across all of my neighbors' yards and rutted up their lawns, just to get the "feel" of my new tires in some snow. (nooo...I didn't. thought about it, though.)

I knew it was coming. I've lived in Wisconsin all my life, so of course it was coming. But just a few short days ago, it was sunny and nearly 70. And now I need a jacket. And a snowbrush. And good tires. (check. check. check.)

Between my oil change this morning and the time that I sit here writing this, I've had a snowball fight, built a snowfort and a snowman three times the size of me, borrowed my brother-in-law's snowmobiles and put on a hundred miles, broke my leg downhill skiing, trained heavily for the Iditarod, shoveled my neighbor's walk as a kind gesture, and bought a snowblower because I hate shoveling. (especially with a broken leg.)

It's been a full and busy nine hours of winter, and after a few hundred thousand flakes, I'm ready for it to be over. Spring can get here any time now. And if I don't get to test my Triple-Treads until next winter...I won't exactly go road-tripping in search of snowdrifts, ya know?

When's the first day of spring??

"Nature has no mercy at all.
Nature says, 'I'm going to snow.
If you have on a bikini and no snowshoes,
that's tough. I am going to snow anyway.'"
—Maya Angelou


  1. I am NOT ready yet...

    So does this mean the 18 I walked Friday morning (I fear my last in WI for 2008) in Waupaca under heavily overcast skies at about 45 degrees (I made it 17 1/4 holes before the rains started falling as i'd just tee'd off and was walking down 18 fairway) should be considered balmy since much worse temps are coming?....eeessshhhhh.

  2. I think we'll even find some of those below-zero numbers in the coming months.

    I'm gonna pack up my shit 'n' move.