Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Simple...But Painful.

I've heard many times that, in certain company, one should never talk about politics, religion, or money.

(maybe it was just the first two. but I added the third one to the list because it fits well with this post.)

Clearly...after the election we've all just slogged through...talking about politics was a necessity for some of us. If we didn't vent and support and complain and take some jabs over the last few months, we might have just exploded from all the pressure.

And religion is a bit of a muddy, confusing topic for me, but I'm all for discussion whenever anyone wants to dig a little deeper than sports scores and sitcoms.

I also believe that no topic is off limits on a blog. Or in a newspaper column, for that matter. You speech and all. If readers click over, and don't care for the topic of the day, they can keep right on clickin'. Or...they can stay, read, and voice their opinions in the comments section.

I lead in with all of that because over the life of my blog, I've taken digs at certain politicians or political candidates, while praising others...I've written posts about seeing the Dalai Lama and reading books by Eckhart Tolle, but haven't spent much time covering Christianity.

So I guess what I'm saying is that you, my readers (all both of you), do not fall in the category of "certain company." Because here I discuss whatever's on my mind. My opinions.'s money. Briefly.

I have a Simple IRA through work, and for the last couple months, when I open the statement, it's getting simpler and simpler. A few more months like those and it'll be the simplest IRA to figure out. Zeros across the board.........can't take anything more away from nothing, can you?

Maybe I was paying too much attention to the election, and not enough to other current events, there some kind of economic crisis going on that I'm not aware of? And if so, could someone please snap their fingers turn it around before I have to make plans to work 40-hour weeks until I'm 84 years old?

Sure is a good thing we have a Socialist coming into power in January. You know, so that whenever I need a handout, I can just turn to my rich neighbor and say, "Pleeeease."

[note to any potentially new readers stumbling across this blog for the first time: please check my November 4 blog entry, and your dictionary for the definition of "sarcasm," and that should sufficiently explain the last paragraph. thank you.]

"The trouble with retirement
is that you never get a day off."
—Abe Lemons


  1. Oh, but it's so much more than sports scores... It's;

    Play calling (Andy, looking at you)
    Free agent signings
    Draft picks
    Bud Selig's latest blunder
    Salary caps (& basements)
    The BCS
    Lou Holtz picking Notre Dame every freak'n week...
    Coaching hires and fires
    Bunt or swing away
    What the hell is icing?
    March Madness
    Just to name a few...

    I find that when discussing religion or politics, people talk in absolutes...for the most part.

    A perfectly reasonable person becomes Dalton..."It's my way or the highway."

    Sports though....

    Even i can admit it's time for a change at Tennessee.

    That Lord Favre while a self centered premadonna is a pretty darn good quarterback (cuz you know, he's just having fun).

    That despite my affection for The Pinstripes and the Steinbrenner's willingness to spend whatever to try to win, a salary cap (and basement KC, Oakland, Pittsburgh, etc.) would be a good idea for baseball (but the players union will never let it happen).

    That while i was devastated (read: exaggeration) the Mariners system and my beloved Timber Rattlers didn't re-up for the first time in 16 years, signing with the Brewers will be good for the local fan base & economic-wise for the Rattlers.

    And so on and so on... Unless you're the drunken Bama wife that bit your LSU husband over an argument about the game last themed discussion tend not to get that ugly...religion and politics normally do.

    PS - I've stopped looking at my 401k and our portfolio and instead pledged to do my part to stimulate the economy by consuming more 23 oz Miller Lites, traditional wings (unless is boneless Thursday) and potato wedges (you know, the ones with the sour cream & chives baked right in?).

    Oh, and after a summer of bidding up to what i thought to be a reasonable offer and being out bid, finally last night eBay'd myself a sweet brand spanking new with tags Griffey Jr. authentic home white 'Natti jersey!!!

    Again, I didn't vote for your guy, but i'm doing my part to get this thing going again...

  2. You forgot, "Barry: Best Running Back Ever?" (and the valid argument: if Barry would have had Emmitt's O-line...)

    You are definitely stimulating the wings/beers/eBay economy, TheKid...and I'm sure B-Dubses everywhere thank you. (your spending at your B-Dub's has a ripple effect to surrounding B-Dubses.)

    And as Rick Reilly wrote in a recent column: "Worried that your 401k is turning into a 201k??"