Monday, November 10, 2008

Other Time Suc...I Mean, Great Internet Resources

Yesterday I revealed how I spent my Sunday...pretty much with ass in chair, right in front of this screen. It was, to say the least, a highly motivated day. Of doing nothing.

I figured I'd continue that theme tonight, and introduce a couple other sites that are equally as good as the NaBloPoMo site for wasting a good hour or nine. (tell me...where do the interweb hours go? and how are they three times as fast as normal hours?)

The first is a digital photography blog and forum that I found recently, and have been poking around on a little bit, finding more information there than I can process in a thousand photo shoots.

I bought one of these a few months ago, and while it's true you can take it right out of the box, press the button and take some good photos...the whole idea behind spending the money for one is to learn what other buttons to push and dials to turn and settings to set to make it take phenomenal photos!

Well, I'm still learning. Slowly. But if I can absorb even one-eighth of the information on those two sites, I might be well on my way.

Another site that a friend introduced me to in the past few months is Goodreads, a community of readers who talk about reading and what books they've read and what books they want to read and how much they liked certain books and why other books totally blew, and...well, you get the idea. It's about reading.

I set up an account over there, but haven't been too active in loading my profile with books. Still...there are plenty of avenues to explore and spend (waste) a good deal of time. Someday this winter, during a good blizzard, I'll add some books to my profile.

Or maybe go outside and take some winter scene photos.

Or about the winter blahs.

So let's see if I have this straight: I spend hours on a site for bloggers, but I can't keep up with the blog-a-day pace; I can lose myself in a photography forum for the better part of a day, but can't find time to get out and actually shoot a few hundred photos (which is the only way to learn); and I'm a big fan of a web community for readers, yet my reading list is so long, if I took a photo of it, the end would be so far out of focus, it would be unreadable.

Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong? Or point me in the direction of a time-management workshop?

(What corners of the interwebs do you spend way too much time in? Not that I've got time for any more, but I'm curious.)

"Describing the Internet as the
Network of Networks is like
calling the Space Shuttle
a thing that flies."
—John Lester

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  1. I took a time management class last fall - and was late getting there :o) I did, however, learn a really cool way to segment out some time for stuff you like and a great post-it note method of organizing things.

    And my internet time waster is Facebook. Love it to keep in touch, but man I could spend hours finding people!