Thursday, January 24, 2008

Space...The Crowded Frontier.

I was watching “Larry King Live” last Friday night, which is a little hard to admit here in this opening paragraph because it makes it appear that a date with CNN was my best social option to kick-start my weekend.

So I probably shouldn’t reveal that I also have in-depth knowledge of which candidates have won the presidential primaries up to this point, or you’ll start to think that the cable news channel is my only friend.

Anyway...back to Larry King. He had a panel of guests last Friday from Stephenville, Texas, who all claimed to have seen a large UFO in the sky near sunset on the night of Jan. 8.

The fact that dozens of people reported nearly the same thing made the story a little more credible and interesting than if one individual kook came forward and started babbling about seeing a saucer-shaped object and little green men with seven eyes.

Several people said they saw a low-flying object with very bright lights flying at a high rate of speed, and that the object was enormous...maybe a mile wide...and silent.

Sounds like something a little bigger than a Stealth Bomber to me.

UFOs fall into that category of things that, if someone tells you they saw one, you might listen to their story with great interest, but also with a bit of a grin as if to say, “No, you did not see that!!”

The panel on Larry King was convincing enough to make me believe that they saw something, but at the same time, I’m enough of a skeptic that I’d have to see it for myself.

One of the guests was a private pilot, and thought the object was traveling at “maybe two to three thousand miles an hour.” Quite an estimate.

And another saw it fly over his house toward Stephenville, hover there for a bit, and then come back in his direction, this time followed by three Air Force fighter jets. Of course, there was no one from the Air Force on the program to either confirm or deny the activity of its pilots in that location on the evening of Jan. 8.

The panelist who presented an opposing view was a former pilot himself, and stated that there is a military base nearby, which could explain the jets, and that there are many different types of, astronomical, man-made...which might explain the bright lights.

To which I replied aloud, to no one in particular, “What exactly is a man-made phenomenon?”

The discussion held my interest for the full hour, but it left me with the same opinion I held before I saw the show. There’s got to be something...or someone...else out there.

Are we alone in the universe? Is there intelligent life on other planets? Are there aliens living and working among us? And if not, how do you explain reality TV?

Certainly not questions that can be answered in an hour on “Larry King Live.” But I bet if we all put our heads together in the comments section, by the end of the weekend we can have the answer to whether or not extraterrestrials exist.

Now take me to your leader. And tell them my Friday nights need to become more exciting, or I’m going to go crazy down here on planet Earth.

[On the agenda for tomorrow night: organizing my sock drawer according to color and/or style: black, brown, blue, tube, thermal, argyle.]

“I don’t laugh at people anymore
when they say they’ve seen UFOs.
I’ve seen one myself!”
—Jimmy Carter

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