Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Don't Plop, No Fizz...

Fortunately, this was not the scene on my nightstand this morning.

In years past, I might have thought that if I didn't need two of these tablets on New Year's Day, it meant I didn't have a very good New Year's Eve. Perhaps that's a sign that I'm growing ol...UP! Uhh...up! It's a sign that I'm growing up! (whew. that was close.)

Instead, I spent my New Year's Eve with good people, good laughs, good munchies, a few good beers and some champagne at midnight. I'll take that every year.

A detailed account of my New Year's Day will fill your screens in the next day or two (am I the master of suspense or what?? Dean Koontz, move the hell over!), but for now, I'm all about a couch and a movie I've probably seen before, or channel-surfing until I doze off.

Happy 2008, oh blogosphere, and especially to those of you who continue to visit my little corner of it. If you're feeling ever-so-daring, share with me some of your resolutions for the new year. (or the fact that your annual resolution is to make no resolutions.)

"The only way to spend New Year's Eve
is quietly with friends or in a brothel.
Otherwise when the evening ends and
people pair off, someone is bound
to be left in tears."
—W.H. Auden


  1. Resolutions?! FEH! I'm perfect!

    But, of course, if I DID eat less doughnuts, drink less coffee, ran more, got to bed at a decent hour, upped my per day page count, practiced the guitar more, sent out more querry letters, actually hit 5 to 7 fruits and veggies per day, and found a way to be more patient with myself in 2008, well...

    ...that would be nice too.

    Oh, and I'd love to use less ellipses in my writing in 08 as well...

  2. I think you have a typo there, Jeff. You meant more ellipses, didn't you?

    I...am in love...with ellipses.

    Totally unrelated side note: does anyone know why some images are clickable and enlargeable, and others are not? The Calvin and Hobbes comic...which is stellar for a New Year's post...of course does nothing when clicked. I even converted it from a gif to a jpg, thinking that was it. It's not.

    Anyone? Anyone?...Buuueller?

  3. Love the Auden quote! You are master quote finder.

    As a former cocktail waitress, I never will be anywhere but a quiet place on New Year's Eve again. Never ever.

    Resolutions? Write more and write on some sort of schedule. Read great blogs like yours...though that messes up my schedue. And, I like the more ellipses resolution too...they are easy on the eyes, aren't they.

    Happy, happy...to you.

  4. He who breaks a resolution is a weakling;He who makes one is a fool.~F.M. Knowles

  5. Hey Happy New Year Gregg.

    I don't do formal resolutions really, but I do try to take advantage of the new year as a time to renew my energy and inspiration. I try to let any mistakes from the past year go and start with the proverbial clean slate with enthusiasm and optimism.


  6. Love the comments, oh wise and wonderful readers of my blog!

    First I get to spend some time talking about and creating ellipses, then SBW strokes my ego more than a little (I promise I won't let it go to my head), and Brad comes up with a killer quote to share!!

    And Scott...those two sentences are words to live by when crossing over into a new year. That's the perfect attitude to have on January 1, and I'm embracing that outlook more than ever this year for some reason. I think there might be some good changes in the months ahead for me.

    I'm not trying to sound all vague and cryptic on purpose, but it's just...time for some changes. As they (or if they) occur, I'm sure you'll read about them in the paragraphs of this blog.

    Happy New Year to all y'all. And thanks for hangin' out here once in a while. I appreciate it.