Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hey, Buddy...Can You Spare Some Change?


That’s an awfully big little word that some people are throwing around wherever you look these days.

This one wants to be the “greatest agent for change,” and that one has “the most experience to affect change,” and still another is fighting for “change we can believe in.”

Many Republicans probably want citizens to believe that the Democrats will turn their hard-earned dollars into...pocket change. While the Dems are promising change from the past seven years...which, I’m guessing, begins with actually being able to spell and correctly use the word “change” in a sentence.

Don’t look now, folks. It’s an election year. (You looked, didn’t you? I warned you.)

The primary season is in full swing, and the candidates are seemingly everywhere at once, as they should be, trying to get their messages out. From formal debates to appearances on talk shows to speeches in small towns broadcast on C-Span.

It’s up to them to tell us how they’ll change this country, and it’s up to us to listen.

I’ve mentioned in the past my desire to run for president, but as I see how the process is unfolding, I must admit, it’s caused me to mind.

Oh, sure, I could go out on the campaign trail and start saying all the right things about hot-button issues like the war (I'd like to start four more), the environment (I'd like to keep it), taxes (I'd like to end them) and a budget surplus (let's build one).

But then, get this...if the people of this country vote you into that oblong-shaped office in Washington, D.C., they expect you to make good on all your promises.

Whew! Some of these candidates might be in trouble.

When I talked earlier about running for president, I was asked what my platform might be. And I figured, being 6’4”, I didn’t really need a platform...did I? I thought I was tall enough to handle any obstructions that might arise during my campaign or my presidency.

Then I learned what a platform was, and I tried to build one. Aside from making sure that Miss Teen South Carolina has enough maps so she can find places like The Iraq, my platform wasn’t too different from some of those already in the race for president.

So I thought I’d leave it to the professionals. Running for president is a 26-hour-a-day, nine-day-a-week grind of a job. And I need some time to watch the football playoffs, because they’re getting pretty entertaining.

Once you’re actually in office, though, the pace gets quite a bit less hectic, and you’re allowed plenty of opportunities to take some nice vacations, provided your schedule for the week doesn’t include any speeches to fumble.

Although I’m officially declaring myself out of the running before my campaign even picks up any steam, I will continue to do my part as a citizen and pay attention to those in the race, and cast my vote in the primary on Feb. 19.

When I get too overwhelmed by all of this political spinning and arguing and *ahem* debating, I know it’s a sign for me to change...the channel.

“The only person who is educated
is the one who has learned how to
learn and change.”
—Carl Rogers


  1. I know in the big scheme of things (short of some Olympic good will type stuff) sports actually plays no roll in the world today as compared to politics. But in my cozy, sheltered existence it’s what makes my world go round. I know I should have more, but I really have very little interest at all in politics.

    I’d just as soon talk to you about 6-2 190 lb quarterback recruit Casey Kelly out of Sarasota (FL) High School who now has put the Vols in his top two (along with ASU, but you probably knew that already) because he’s got a good relationship with new Vols offensive coordinator and former Richmond head coach Dave Clawson. Cuz while the primary is on February 19th, National (letter of intent) Signing Day is February 6th.

    I don’t consider myself either a strict Republican or Democrat. Whatever I’m voting for (be it presidential, state, local, etc.), I try to vote the candidate who’s direction and promises seem to make the most sense to me. But then again, aren’t they all lying most of the time just to get a chance to sit in the big office on Pennsylvania Avenue? Funny how that whole “no new taxes” thing worked out…

    Most people scuff at the energy and emotion I put into sports and the following of “my” teams. I’ve been in bar stool conversation that turn to politics or religion that get completely heated and out of hand and I just bow out and shake my head. But then again, don’t get me started on Bud Selig just getting a three year extension (through 2012 fer-da-ka-riced!!!) on his commissionership. So I understand it works both ways. If we all had the same passions, what fun would any of this be?

    NICE Miss Teen SC reference Vach (“The Iraq..”, reminds me of the all mighty Reggie White and his rant, The Japanese can turn a television into a watch”…what???). Jim Rome likes to play that cut a lot and I can’t hardly even listen to it anymore I feel so bad for that girl. It’s funny and frightening at the same time. She is going to carry that around with her for a long, long time.

    But should you ever decide to run for an office of any sort, you’ve got my vote buddy. After all, any person that can go on an all day/night BW’s bender with me (man I can’t wait for March Madness…)…in my humble opinion is a good kid!!!

  2. You know what, TheKid?

    I've been rethinking my position, and if I know I've got your the pull you have among the staff and patrons at one B-Dub's for sure, and possibly throughout the entire chain...we might have something.

    I could jump into the race late, promising a free half dozen wings for everyone who votes for me. (I'd spring for a full dozen, but I don't have the funds that some of the other candidates do.

    "Gregg For President. Gregg For America. Gregg For A New Flavor Above Blazin'."

    Think it'll get me to the White House?

    I don't know if I'm exactly passionate about politics, either, TheKid...but I do enjoy following it a bit to see who looks like the biggest dope. And it's usually a tie among everyone.

    I never...NEVER...get tired of Miss SC, and I don't think I've felt sorry for her, either. Maybe I should,'s too easy not to.