Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Another Step Back.


It's the offseason for those NFL teams that didn't make the playoffs. Time to shake things up a little, make some changes, and start working toward next year.

That seems to be an ongoing mantra with the Detroit Lions: "Next year."

All these players with all this potential, and all you can say if you're a Lions fan is, "Next year."

A couple seasons ago, they hired a tough-minded head coach in Rod Marinelli, who brought in a supposed offensive genius in Mike Martz. I can't stand Martz, but he did great things in St. Louis, so I had to give him a shot to work his magic with the talented skill players on the Lions roster.

Today, Martz was fired. And who did they promote to fill his spot as offensive coordinator? Jim Colletto, the offensive line coach. Ask quarterback John Kitna how good his offensive line was this year. Ask him to show you all the bumps and bruises and turf burns he must have from being pushed around and knocked down so much.

The offensive line is very possibly the worst unit of the Detroit Lions football team, unless you include the front office in the discussion. Then it's no contest.

So rather than firing the offensive line coach, they promoted him instead. "Here," they said as they handed him the reins of the offense. "We've seen that you're completely unable to get five players to do their jobs why not try to manage eleven instead?"

To help Colletto in his task, receivers coach Kippy Brown has been promoted to assistant head coach, passing game coordinator, and running backs coach.

Passing game coordinator??


Sometimes it feels like it's a sin to be a Lions fan.

Thanks for listening.
I need to go and weep now.

"They say that the best defense is offense,
and I intend to start offending right now."
—Captain James


  1. Strange that both our hearts turn towards Michigan for our sports fixations. American football has never tripped my trigger but baseball has its tendrils coiled firmly around my soul and mind. Always has, ever since various sandlot games in the Magee playground... (my 38th street gang took on many a visiting team from other neighborhoods... was that you who pitched me inside and brushed me back? hmmmm.....)

    Anyway, since the Brewers are no strangers to breaking the hearts of their fans, a few seasons ago, as they made their snarling mad dash to October country, I fell in love with the Tigers. It's a love that's lingered. Jim Leyland and his scrappy knights of the diamond keep me fascinated. Verlander, Robertson, Ordonez, Guillen, even Sheffield... Last season was a bit of a wash but their offseason moves this winter truly make them one of the gold standards of the MLB right now.

    What, prey tell, instilled Lion-mania in you, out of curiosity? Michigan relatives?

  2. Hey, where's the news about your New Years? Is this it?


  3. I feel your pain brother...but just remember, Elcho Draft Festivis 2008 is a mere four months away!!!

    Hopefully Reid won't again feel the Eagles have no obvious holes to fill and trade down out of the first round for a QB that won't play in at least another year (if not more...). How'd that work out for the team this past season Fat Man???!!!

    Yes, a rare appearence on your "other" blog :) But don't worry, i threw a little sump'n sump'n up on the other this morning... Hey, if our teams can't participate in the playoffs, at least we can wager on them right?

  4. Jeff...Nope, that wasn't me throwing heat at Magee. While I used to have a pretty good arm, baseball was never my thang.

    As far as word: Barry Sanders. (from his rookie year on.)

    I know I should have jumped ship when he did, and moved on to a different team. But no one has ever made me say "Wow!" the way that guy did. So even though he's long since gone, enjoying the easy life in retirement, I'm still a poor schlub of a fan. Whyyyyy??

    EssBeeDub...My New Year's recap is still coming. It's actually all inside my head right now, and that doesn't make it very readable, does it? Sorry. It's gonna be long and involved, and have pictures and everything. I thought the cranberries pic would be the only one of me I'd ever post on this blog, but...well, I thought wrong. I'm hoping to have it up by the weekend. Or before 2009. Maybe.

    TheKid...I think the Lions might take a receiver in this year's draft.

    And just to other blog is the "other" blog. This is the only one that counts, because all I do on the other one is lose money.

    But anywhere you choose to make an appearance is always appreciated. Love the Jim Mora quotes, by the way.

  5. Perhaps Barry was wise beyond his years.

    31 wins in seven years. That's tough - real tough. Having suffered through the Packers teams of the 1980's, I'd like to say that I can sympathize with your plight. But the 1980's actually weren't as bad as Packer fans (or more likely Bears fans) would like you to believe.

    There's always next year.

  6. Ugh. I foolishly put my fantasy football playoff dreams in the hands of the effing Detroit Lions.

    Stupid, stupid, poorly managed, stupid, stupid team. Never again!

  7. Eeeesh! Sorry to hear that, Mrs. White. When I read your post, I was hoping it wasn't the Lions who screwed you.

    I hope got to dance.

    My mantra, Burt.
    Next year.

    (why am I not used to it by now?)

  8. (nice typo by me.)

    How about...I hope you got to dance.

    (I'm going to go practice my proofreading skills now, thankyouverymuch.)

  9. "Hmph!" I thought. "I didn't get a reply and everyone else did. Hmph!"

    But I see I got a nickname...a nickspelling anyway. W00t W00t!