Thursday, August 31, 2006

We Had Joy, We Had Fun,
We Had Seasons In The Sun

(I don't know who sings that song, and I'm too lazy to google it, but that's the first thing that popped into my head when I came to the title bar of this post.)

(OK, I lied. I'm not too lazy, cuz it would have bothered me for a while. It's Terry Jacks. I thought maybe I had it on one of my "Super Hits of the '70s" discs, of which I have nine or ten. But it's not on any of those. I do, however, have "Kung Fu Fighting" on one of them. Aren't you jealous?)

The entry title struck me, because tomorrow is the lead-in to the three-day event that is summer's last gasp. As I wrote in my column for next week, it's time to put away the bikinis and board shorts, and pick up the backpacks and chinstraps.

A new school year, and more importantly...a new football season! I don't know why I get so excited about football season every year. I mean, c'mon...where are the Lions gonna go, anyway? Just exactly what does third place in the NFC North get you? A front-row seat on the couch for the playoffs, that's what. Truth be told, I'm just slightly more optimistic than in past years, but I've gotten so used to whining, I couldn't stop myself before all that negativity spilled out.

For the record—and I'd like very much to delete the record—after much thought and painstaking research, and a couple coin flips...I came up with Denver beating Dallas as my prediction for Super Bowl XLI.

However you're planning to spend the weekend of summer's farewell, enjoy. I believe mine will include a lake, a pontoon boat, and a beverage. (make that...multiple beverages.)

— • — • —

You're humming "Seasons In The Sun" to yourself right now, aren't you? And you want to know the rest of the lyrics, I bet. What if I told you I found a page that has not only the lyrics, but some lame-ass, elevator-musicky kinda xylophone rendition that starts playing whether you want it to or not. You probably couldn't stop yourself from clicking here to hear it for yourself.

"France has neither winter nor summer
nor morals. Apart from these drawbacks
it is a fine country."
—Mark Twain


  1. ggg...

    I'm enjoying your stuff. Since you did mention a little about sports, let me lead you down this path... I'd love to hear some of your insights on Tiger. Where will he stand when it's all said and done? The best ever?? Also, what about Agassi?? It must have been hard to walk off the most grand stage in tennis.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say HI and throw out two recent topics that I found interesting. I figured you would as well.

  2. MarkyC!...

    Welcome. And thanks.

    I can definitely spill forth a few paragraphs about Tiger, and Agassi. Perhaps I'll get those organized into an actual entry for later in the week rather than a comment that goes on way too long.

    But as a little preview, I'll say yes...Tiger will go out as the best ever, with probably a handful of majors as a cushion between him and Jack.