Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Colbert, or Stewart?

Is it just me...
(...and, most of the time when someone starts a question that way, isn't the answer usually, "it's just you!")

...or were the Emmys unusually funny this year?

Conan O'Brien—who I rarely find funny on his own show and I think is something of a mistake to replace Leno in a few years or whenever Leno said he's going to retire—did a remarkably good job in his monologue and throughout the show, and his little song-and-dance number at the beginning was pretty entertaining.

Tony Shalhoub, who I haven't seen in "Monk," reasserted why he's probably the right man to win for lead actor in a comedy series when he showed his dry, subtle, perfectly timed comedic talents in his acceptance speech as he picked up his second consecutive trophy and third in four years. I should attempt to catch that show at least once, so I can say I've seen it.

— • — • —

Quick side note: CBS's "Two and a Half Men" was nominated for all the big categories, including comedy series, lead actor and supporting actor. And it came away empty. That's not surprising, seeing the company it kept in each of those categories. But I might have jumped up off my couch and done a handstand if it would've won any or all of them. That show is so well written and so well acted.

— • — • —

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" won for variety, music or comedy series, and in his acceptance speech, Stewart admitted, "...this year I think you've all really made a mistake," hinting that perhaps one of the other nominees, "The Colbert Report," was more deserving.

It was great comedy to see Stewart and Stephen Colbert come on to present an award later. Colbert spent much of his time throwing a fit that he'd lost an Emmy earlier in the night, "to frickin' Barry Manilow!! I lost to Barry Manilow!!" (individual performance in a variety or music program.) And Stewart spent a good part of his on-stage time cowering and letting him rant.

— • — • —

Which brings me to my entry title, and the question(s) of the night. If you'd have a vote for best variety, music or comedy series and could choose between "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report," which would it be?

And who do you think is a better deliverer of fake news...Stewart or Colbert?

While I don't watch either of them on an all-too-regular basis, I've seen enough of both of them to be qualified to cast a ballot in each category, and I'm gonna look like something of a fence sitter here, but...I think Colbert might be the funnier of the two individuals (close race), but "The Daily Show" probably gets the nod for best substance. (how can you argue with a show that has a "moment of Zen" at the end of every episode?)

Let me know which way you sway.

"You can't make up anything anymore.
The world itself is a satire.
All you're doing is recording it."
—Art Buchwald


  1. Did you watch the Emmy's to see who won? Silly boy...(ellipsis) it's all about what they were WEARING! I did see the Colbert/Stewart presentation and it made me LOL but I've never seen the Colbert Report so I wasn't for sure who he was. I usually don't make it thru the news so I don't see either show. But I'd probably like them. I did see the Stewart show the night they talked about Cheney "peppering" his hunting buddy. That was one of the funniest things I've seen. "Seasoned within an inch of his life!" I would have voted for him based on that update alone. :)
    Oh, it is just you...(ellipsis)

  2. Now that...is some grade-A, top-of-the-heap, high-quality punctuating! Can I interest you in a properly used semicolon? Or perhaps a well-placed double question mark??

    I may or may not have seen some of the red carpet coverage at this year's Emmys, but being a guy of the male persuasion, if I would have spent most of my post writing about best-dressed and worst-dressed, one of those big 80-gallon cans of Milwaukee's Best Light would have come thumping down on top of me, questioning my manhood, before I had a chance to publish it.

  3. Uhh...that would be before I had a chance to publish my post.

    Not my manhood.
    (stupid dangling modifiers)