Sunday, January 23, 2011

In (and Out of) the Spotlight

Paparazzi don’t need media credentials. They get their shots without them.

They hide in bushes, crouch behind cars, wait in hallway closets. They aren’t invited to the red carpet, but they show up anyway. Behind the scenes, perhaps, but close enough to the action that could bring them a big payday.

Their lenses reach...everywhere. Up skirts, down shirts, onto private yachts in Cannes. Although celebrities publicly act scandalized when they see these glimpses into their private lives splayed all over the Internet, they know paparazzi can drive movie or record sales, and put them in the spotlight they long for.

— • — • —

My entry in the 100 Words Challenge, with the prompt, "credentials."


  1. ahhh - just ask Lady Di. Indeed true
    I like how you show that it is a need within the paparazzi themselves that brings about their actions. :)