Sunday, January 16, 2011

Backyard Super Bowl

Heaving the tattered Nerf football straight up into the air as high as he could, the boy waited for the kickoff to come down between the telephone wires into his arms, and surveyed the defensive obstacles in front of him.

He faked out the stationary oak lineman, spun away from the oncoming rush of the oscillating sprinkler safety, juked the shrubbery cornerback, and high-stepped over the garden hose goal line into the end zone, fourteen yards from where he began.

“I’m invincible!!” he shouted as he raised his arms to signal touchdown and began his victory dance.

“Next stop...the NFL!”

— • — • —

My entry in the 100 Words Challenge, with the prompt, "invincible."


  1. WOW - I love the imagination of the kid - That sounded like me back when I was a little one - Only I was on the charity stripe shooting a game winning "and one". Great job!

  2. Great descriptions! I could see it unfolding.

  3. "juked the shrubbery cornerback". Brilliant.