Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fresh Copy.

I found a site a few months back that grabbed me from the first word and never let go.

The site is called Copyblogger, and provides writing tips for anyone who needs to

Their ideas seem new and fresh, or maybe it's just a different-angled approach to the same tried-and-true ideas. But it's a great blog...and ever since I found it I thought that if I could take away even 20 percent of the lessons and ideas and tips offered there, I might be writing for a living instead of, you know...not writing for a living.

Some of the titles of their entries draw you in enough that you can't help but click over and see what they have to say. Titles like, "Are You A Fancy Nancy Writer?" (my answer: not as often as some other people) or "The Art of One Butt Cheek Blogging" and "The Winnie The Pooh Guide To Blogging." (Pooh and his friends teach us more than we know.)

I'd lie and say that after reading a new Copyblogger post, I immediately incorporate on this blog what I've learned in that day's entry. But most of you have visited here often enough, and would know that that's simply not the case. Yet.

I try to take away at least a little nugget of wisdom every time I click over to the site. For the most part, though, it serves as a fantastic read, and an example of what good copy can be, should be, and with any luck...someday, will be.

"Copy from one, it's plagiarism;
copy from two, it's research."
—Wilson Mizner


  1. "Don't sell yourself short Judge, you're a tremendous slouch."

    C'mon buddy, you've got skillz, no doubt about it.

    I'm not even a pretend writer and was forced to click on the link to "One Butt Cheek Blogging."

    The name alone is genius no matter what it means. Then when i read what it meant, it is genius.

    He even mentions "ballgame," and I immediately can recall many, many times in which I witnessed "two cheek people" at Rattler games that drove me freak'n nuts!!!

  2. Isn't it ironic that we used stash beer by a tree called Joshua Tree and now they are playing for the presidential inauguration AND they are coming out with a new album???

    Wierd I tell ya.

  3. TheKid...I think that's what sets my blog apart from the Copyblogger post titles. Theirs are a little better.

    Oh yeah. And the content, too.

    But thanks. Always appreciate a good Caddyshack quote.

    Mr. Anon...You must have me confused with someone else, because I have no idea what you're, um...talking about. Nope. I've never stashed beer. Ever. Anywhere.

    (do you think maybe we were visionaries, even way back then? must be. that's the only explanation for the warm beer. it played a vital role in shaping our country's future!)