Thursday, June 05, 2008

And Now...Heeeeeeeere's Foreclosure!

Ed McMahon got 15 minutes of airtime on Larry King Live tonight.

Why? He's fighting foreclosure on his multimillion-dollar Beverly Hills home.

So, what's the only logical step when facing foreclosure? Go on Larry King!

I happened to catch the story early enough that it kept me interested through a couple commercial breaks, but as I watched, I wondered to myself, "What is Ed hoping to accomplish here? Does he want me to feel sorry for him?"

Carson sidekick for about a century, host of Star Search and bloopers shows...and he wants me to throw a big ol' pity party that his six-million-dollar home might be taken from him, and that he's more than six...hundred...thousand...dollars behind on his payments.

Now...he broke his neck a year and a half ago, and hasn't been able to work because of that. So a bit of sympathy is in order there. But...he's 85 years old! Why should he need to work anyway?

Oh yeah. That pesky matter of the six hundred grand. I forgot.

Larry asked him during the interview, how a celebrity like him, who's supposedly got so many millions, can fall into a trap like this. And Ed's answer just about made me chuck my remote at the TV.

"Well, Larry...when you spend more than you know how it goes."


Larry and Ed also made a quick mention that Evander Holyfield was in danger of losing his home, too. ($10 million mansion ... 109 rooms ... 17 bathrooms ... three kitchens ... bowling alley. Nothing too elaborate.)

Don't high-profile boxers...of which Holyfield certainly was one...make like $20 million per bout? According to one source, Holyfield's grossed more than $120 million in his career.

Stories like this make me shake my head as much as hearing about all the lottery winners who go broke only a few short years after cashing in on their mega-jackpots.

Perhaps I'm not qualified to judge these people until I have 20 or 40 or 100 million dollars to manage. But you know...if someone out there wants to give me the opportunity to prove it can be done, I bet I can make it last a lotta lotta years, and have my share of fun with it, bringing plenty of family and friends along for the ride as I go.

Or maybe I'll just take one twenty-million-dollar tourist trip up to the International Space Station, and then come back to Earth and go back to my nine-to-five grind.

I think I know how Ed can save his home...

Those American Family Publishers people can send him an envelope that says, "You may have already won $10,000,000!" And then show up on his doorstep with a big fat check.

(if he subscribes to a couple magazines, of course.)

"Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding
in which you put your money
in your pants pocket and give
your coat to your creditors."
—Joey Adams


  1. ahhhhh...thank you. You're here again. Happy day (for me, not for Ed in the neck brace).

  2. Welcome back, my friend - I've missed you! (and your words.)

  3. SBW...Pardon me for chuckling, but that "ahhhhh" at the beginning of your comment makes it sound like you finally got a fix. Like Ton-Fifty-ONE is your drug, and you were going through withdrawal. (perhaps I'm inventing that to exaggerate my own self-importance.)

    Anyway...I'm sorry you had to wait so long for an update, and I hope you look forward to another post soon. But don't anticipate too much, because it might take me a while to work back into a routine on this thing. :O)

    Rebecca...I see you're digging in for June, huh? Good job, good job! As is quite evident, I practiced my own little exercise during May, called NoBlo. It was a smashing success. I hope I never complete that exercise again.