Friday, August 27, 2010

Road To Nowhere

The sterile, bright, fluorescent lights shone down on him from the ceiling as he was wheeled down the long corridor, their narrow, semi-opaque fixtures imitating the dashed center line on the highway he’d been traveling only minutes before.

From his horizontal vantage point, he saw hanging above him a clear plastic bag, with a thin tube leading to...where?

Suddenly, the lights sped more quickly past him, and footsteps behind him quickened.

“Get him in here, stat!” shouted an important voice.

As the end of the gurney where his feet lay kicked open the swinging doors, the lights began to dim.

— • — • —

My entry in the 100 Words Challenge, with the prompt, "corridor."


  1. My first thought reading this was "Hurry!" Good job capturing the urgency.

  2. Very descriptive. Reminds me of my husband being in the hospital after terrible accident.

  3. Great visual. And great sense of urgency. I wanted to know how he felt lying there.

  4. What a great visual. The sort of mental meanderings of a mind in shock & confusion until it all falls into place.

  5. Excellent writing and creating that feeling of "Where am I..what's going?"

  6. Love the feel of the first paragraph. From the word sterile, you get sucked into the urgency. Good work.

  7. well, you already know that i love the opening paragraph sentence. and the end. i feel all shiverey and want to read more, but love how you close the scene with ambiguity.