Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three Words.

While my brain is working itself back into Reality Mode, I wanted to post at least a thought or two about my trip to Las Vegas last weekend.

“Hmm,” I said to myself, “what are three words that best describe my time there?” I kicked around a few ideas:

Can’t. Stop. Gambling.

Cirque. Shows. Rock.

Beers. Pools. Beers.

Social. House. Delicious!

(the above coupled with my newest discovery: I. Hate. Sake.)

Then it hit me, and I knew I had my three words. And believe me, I’m the furthest thing from a fashionisto you’ll ever meet. But they were everywhere. And impossible to miss.



“If people turn to look at you on the street,
you are not well dressed.”
—Beau Brummel


  1. You know what goes well with a little black dress? A pink tiara (also-3 words!). Just sayin'....

  2. i was already laughing, especially at the "beers. pools. beers" line.

    and at the swell use of the awesome word "fashionisto."

    (and not *too* distraught at the non-use of "swell," since it really didn't fit in anywhere).

    and then wishokie's comment...well, that is priceless. throw in some pink patent leather pumps or strappy stiletto sandals, and you have the fashionista trifecta:


  3. Great reading you. I'm still laughing. Trully refreshing.

  4. wishokie...There were girls out there running around with tiaras on their heads! A few, anyway. They must know the tiara secret, too. I'm thinking they were either bachelorettes or princesses. (of course, some of them were wearing them in the pools...but that's another story.)

    dharmagirl...I tried to work the word "swell" in there somewhere...I did. But you're right. It just didn't fit anywhere, so I *gasp!* left it out. Thanks for being so swell about my not using the word "swell".

    Vienna...Thanks for stopping by! Looks like I'll be seeing you around the SWIM blog, when I decide to finally get over there and write my intro post. :)

  5. I know I've been away for a while (newborn twins tend to be more powerful than an Oreck when comes to vacuuming up time) but this post made me grin wide.

    Question... is Vegas getting away from all the family friendly crappola that marred it, in my eyes, in the early part of this decade??? I'd like to see it return to its cheerfully seedy days of yore...

    Not that I'm likely to get there anytime soon, of course.