Sunday, December 09, 2007

Too Hip For A DJ?

I spent part of both days this weekend ripping music and adding it to my DellPod, a task that I was consumed with for a couple hundred discs when I first got my mini music player, but then neglected for months at a time.

Along the way, if I'd get a new disc that I just had to have on my player, I'd rip one, or maybe two, at a time. And then I'd go back to avoiding the chore. Once in a great while I'd get another burst of ambition and rip a couple dozen discs.

This weekend, for some reason, I plowed through about fifty more. Which means that tomorrow at work, I'll have plenty of (quote)new(unquote) music to choose from. Kinda like rediscovering your own CD collection, isn't it?

My music always used to be impeccably arranged (I must ashamedly admit it was alphabetical...not autobiographical, like John Cusack's character in "High Fidelity" did with all of his vinyl), but for the past couple years, it was arranged in a different way: shelves of stuff that's been ripped, and shelves of stuff waiting to be ripped. I can't believe the neurotic side of me has let it sit that way for so long. But it has.

My DellPod has logged many hours of service, and been a faithful companion, but I fear the time is drawing near when I'll have to consider replacing it. The power button is a little touchy at times, and it's got a couple glitches.

I chose the Dell version I don't even know how many years ago, because at the time, the DellPod was a hundred bucks less than the same size iPod, and I was all about saving the hundred bucks. Of course, almost as soon as I bought mine, the prices became more comparable, the hard drives started getting bigger, and my player soon began to look like a big ol' 8-Track tape.

But I was happy with my decision at the time. I consulted a tech-geeky buddy for his opinion, and he said he saw no reason to not buy the Dell model, except, " won't be a hip kid with an iPod, then." I considered that statement: kid? hip?...hahahahaha. And called Dell and ordered their 20GB DJ.

My nephew got the same DJ just a couple months later as a Christmas gift, and I always chided him about catching up to me with his song library. Before long, the hip kid-ness in him took over, and he got a fancy-pants 30GB video iPod, and his mom inherited the DJ. So now he talks about how many movies he's got loaded...not songs. I'm really falling behind on the hip-o-meter now!

I imagine when my DellPod finally is ready for the mp3 graveyard, I'll replace it with a shiny new iPod. Cuz I'm just hip like that.

Oh, and because they're not a hundred bucks more anymore, either.

"Country music is three chords and the truth."
—Harlan Howard


  1. Off-topic.

    Detroit Lions - it was fun while it lasted, wasn't it? Matt Millen is the man! Here's to another seven years!

  2. Ggg- I'm happy to report I'm the proud owner of a hand-me-down Ipod!! My 16 year old cousin had to get the new 20 kabillion song video ipod this summer and I was mentioning that I wanted an ipod and she said "you can have my old one - it only holds 1,000 songs, but it will get you started." I smiled, said "I'd love it!" and voila, have an Ipod - with exactly 378 songs on it. My goal is to get to 500 by the end of the year, but I don't see it happening. So, this begs the question, am I hip if it's a hand-me-down???

  3. Question: does owning three iPods make me extra hip, or just positively ridiculous?

    (I vote ridiculous, I think.)

  4. I play old radio shows on my iPod. The Great Gildersleeve, Life of Riley, The Inner Sanctum, and Buck Rogers.

    I'm always afraid my iPod will reject these creaky, scratchy old broadcasts like a bad kidney.

    iPod: (with rediculously cartoonish French accent) Sacre bleu! Do you not know my incredible audio capabilities?! Why do you sully my 30GB of storage with Edgar Bergan?! He's a ventrilloquist on radio, for heaven's sake!!!

    Nifty new banner up there, by the way!

  5. Burt...The Lions rock.

    Becky...Of course you're still hip if it's a hand-me-down, because that means that someone you know thought enough of your general hip-itude to entrust you with the care and use of their former iPod. It's a great responsibility you've been given, so pack that thing with music and take it with you everywhere you go.

    Mrs. White...You're already positively, ridiculously hip, because you listen to groups called, "!!!," among so many others.

    Three iPods just makes you, um...hipper.

    And I would pay money to borrow those iPods and listen to them non-stop for a week on Shuffle. From what I've seen so far, it might be the single greatest educational experience of my life regarding music.

    Jeff...I'm sure your iPod is a bit confused at the technological gap between when those shows were on the air and when your iPod was created.

    (My DellPod is Bohemian, by the way.)