Monday, November 27, 2006

Gobble! *burp* Gobble!

Things For Which
I Am Thankful
on Thanksgiving Weekend

• Elastic

• Leftovers

• Heavier-duty Elastic

• The fact that not even a pathetic
performance by the Lions can ruin
my favorite day of the year, even when
they grab an early 10-point lead and
give me false hope before falling apart.

— • — • —

In a bit of a backwards move, I spent part of my weekend moving a treadmill out of my living room, rather than using it to work off some of those leftovers I mentioned. I was actually returning it to its rightful owner by request, and truth be told, there hadn't been much treading on that mill in quite some time. So I'd be lying if I said I missed it much. seemed like I was taking a couple steps back.

"Eternity is two people
and a roast turkey."
—James Dent


  1. Thanksgiving is now a "weekend"...?

    The exercise you get from having a treadmill should not be limited to moving it in and then moving it out.

    Just a couple of observations.

  2. Hey, who let the smart-ass in? :)

    In order to inhale all the leftovers that are inevitably, umm, left over, from that gigantic feast, they've now expanded Thanksgiving into a weekend, yes. You didn't get the memo, Brad?

    And when I moved the treadmill in, I plugged it in and turned it on and saw how fast the belt moved, and knew I'd never be able to keep up. So it became a piece of furniture instead.

  3. Wasn't Thanksgiving like two weeks ago by now? WHERE'S THE NEW POST???

    Or, do I have to wait until Christmas which I suppose has now been expanded to a month long celebration in order to give some undermotivated blog masters extra time off...

    Call me a smart-ass...hmpf.

  4. Why do I get this eerie feeling that if I don't become a more consistent blogger, that I'm going to get arrested soon?